Independent Porsche Service


The Service and Repair company Porsche Drivers Trust.

Fast, ferocious, fun, phenomenal-looking… Porsche—it's so awesome to work on Porsches in our shop every day, and to get to know the people who drive them. At 6th Gear Performance Engineering, we only service supercars, so you can expect high standards, historical knowledge, and genuine love for your car when you bring your Porsche to us. It's also nice to know we're not scared of your car; we want to work on your car—like you, we consider it to be a work of automotive art.

Finding a qualified mechanic to work on your new or vintage Porsche is no easy task. You need to know the shop has the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to precision repair and tune your vehicle. We absolutely do at 6th Gear Performance Engineering. Our supercar technicians are trained to work on Porsche cars, and we invest in factory diagnostic computers to handle repairs accurately and efficiently for all Porsche models.

In addition to handling mechanical repairs, we also offer paint and body repair if you are restoring a vintage Porsche.

All the work we do on Porsches is carried out using a full range of Porsche special tools, and our parts department is on hand to supply original Porsche parts and accessories. We also do high-performance upgrades on Porsches, using in-house engineered designs, such as racing and sports exhausts, racing performance brakes, ECU tuning, and more. At 6th Gear Performance Engineering, we operate by a total service commitment to our customers and the cars they drive. Believe us when we say your Porsche could not be in better hands.


Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer that specialised in high-performance sports cars, sedans and SUVs. Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in 1931, with its main offices in Stuttgart. Initially the company offered motor vehicle development work, but did not build any cars under its own name. One of the first jobs Ferdinand’s company had was from the German government to build a Volkswagen (meaning a car for people)…this resulted in the Volkswagen Beetle in 1938. The Porsche 64 (the first car developed under its own name) was released in 1939, using similar components to the Beetle. 
The logo was inspired by the Coat of Arms of Stuttgart (where the business was based). The horse in the centre of the logo references Stuttgart’s origin, as the city was a built site of a stud farm. 
To this day, Porsche pride themselves on their ‘Porsche Principal’ – which is basically to make the most out of everything. They have always strived to translate performance into speed and success. This can be found in each of their cars! 

Pre Engine Checks.

  • Check Porsche vehicle history
  • Check Porsche timing belt replacement interval
  • Check Porsche for damage to bodywork, lamps and trims
  • Fit protective covers
  • Check Porsche for condition and operation of all seat belts
  • Check Porsche for operation of interior and exterior lights
  • Check Porsche for operation of ABS and air bag warning lights
  • Check Porsche for air conditioning operation including bad odour
  • Check Porsche windscreen washers and wipers
  • Check Porsche horn
  • Check Porsche for operation of suspension dampers
  • Lubricate all Porsche door hinges, locks, and bonnet catches
  • Apply treatments to remove internal contamination
  • Check Porsche fuel cap

Under the Bonnet

  • Check Porsche cooling system including fan operation
  • Check Porsche Anti-Freeze protection and record it
  • Check Porsche brake fluid condition and record it
  • Check Porsche auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt)
  • Check Porsche engine breather system
  • Check Porsche vacuum pipes
  • Check Porsche power steering operation and fluid condition
  • Check Porsche throttle body, clean if required
  • Check Porsche battery level and lubricate terminals
  • Check Porsche under bonnet fluid levels and top up as required
  • Replace Porsche air filter
  • Replace Porsche spark plugs
  • Replace Porsche fuel filter
  • Replace Porsche pollen filter

Vehicle Raised

  • Change Porsche oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer
  • Check Porsche fuel lines and brake pipes
  • Check Porsche exhaust condition and security
  • Check Porsche oil levels in axle and transfer box
  • Check Porsche gear box oil level and top up
  • Check Porsche steering and suspension joints, mountings and gaiters
  • Check Porsche tyres and report
  • Check Porsche wheel bearings for excessive ‘play’ and noise
  • Check Porsche CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits
  • Check Porsche clutch cable / cylinder
  • Grease all greasing points
  • Check Porsche front brakes, operation and condition
  • Check Porsche rear brakes, operation and condition
  • Carry out a brake report

Vehicle Lowered

  • Refill Porsche engine with specified grade oil
  • Torque Porsche wheel nuts/studs
  • Road test Porsche and report any finding
  • Re-check Porsche engine oil level
  • Carry out emission report
  • Reset Porsche service interval indicator
  • Ensure all upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel etc. are clean
  • Stamp Porsche service book